Antelope Elementary School

Antelope Elementary School

School Administration

Principal: Jennie DeFriez

Counselor: Haley Hamblin


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School Info

Grades PK-6
Type Public

School Statistics

# Of Students 805
Classroom Size 22-28
Classes per Grade 4
Pupil/Tearch Ratio 26/1
# Of Full-Time Teachers 27

Antelope Elementary School, located in Clearfield, Utah, is the home of the Allstars.  At the time it was built, this school enjoyed unobstructed views of Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake to the west.  Housing subdivisions have since blocked that view somewhat, but Antelope Elementary School is still close to Antelope Drive, a major road in Davis County that leads to Antelope Island.  Antelope Elementary School opened its doors in the fall of 1986. The school celebrated its 25th birthday in 2011.


Today, Antelope Elementary School enrolls approximately 800 students from kindergarten through the sixth grade.  Principal Jennie DeFriez and her faculty and staff are committed to the academic and personal development of each and every student at Antelope Elementary School.  To aid in that cause, the school has implemented numerous wonderful programs for the benefit of its students. One such program is the Antelope Allstars Academic Culture of Excellence (ACE) Club.  This program recognizes students from third through sixth grade who excel in certain academic subjects.


Antelope Elementary School invites parents to become involved at the school through classroom volunteer openings, the Antelope Community Council, or the Antelope PTA.  The Community Council is responsible for managing school funds, while the PTA organizes many exciting activities for the Antelope Elementary School community.