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Your Home Hasn't Sold Yet? These 7 Reasons Might Be Why


Emily Primbs


Jul 3, 2024


Jul 8, 2024

Selling your home can feel like a whirlwind of anticipation, but what happens after the excitement of preparing, listing, and showing fades and you still can’t put up that SOLD sign?

If your home hasn’t sold yet and you’re wondering whether it’s time to worry, Mountain Luxury has compiled a list of the most common reasons a home has trouble selling, and what you can do about it.

7 Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

It's A Too-Blank Canvas

If rooms are completely empty, or perhaps the opposite, they're full of personal belongings and mess, it might be harder for someone to visualize beyond that. Sometimes potential buyers need a little help imagining your house as their home, and that is where staging comes in.

Staging on average helps homes sell 3-30 times faster than non-staged competition, and can help increase the sales price up to 20% more. A professional staging team can help show off all of your home's best features, while minimizing any negatives.

Flaws Are In The Forefront

If you haven't deep cleaned and de-cluttered your home, now is the time. Consider hiring a professional cleaning company and contractor to make any repairs that might be detracting from the good qualities of your home. Your real estate agent should have connections to a network of service providers. Take care of leaks, squeaks, and general disrepair.

Less Than The Best Home Photography

According to Statista, about 99% of home buyers between 24-57 years old use the internet to find homes in their home buying process. Home photography can either help a listing be memorable or potentially turn away a would-have-been-interested buyer.

Bad lighting, grainy quality, and odd angles can all contribute to hiding your home’s best attributes, so hire a professional photographer, or better yet, work with a real estate brokerage that offers this service, and you’ll nail that critical first impression.

Right House, Wrong Price

We don’t want to be the ones to say so, but often if a home isn’t getting interest or offers, it’s not priced right. Working with an experienced seller’s agent will help ensure that your home is priced to sell based on your market area, local trends, and season.

You Missed The Peak Selling Season

Did you know homes sell better during certain times of year? Broadly speaking, spring is the best season for sellers, specifically April, May, and June. Fall and winter are typically the slowest times.

That doesn't mean you should wait to list your home necessarily but if you can line it up to sell during the peak season, you may net thousands of dollars more.

You’re Market Savvy, But Not Marketing Savvy

Maybe you got the season right but are clueless when it comes to marketing. Especially in a competitive real estate market, professional photography & videography, home books & flyers, as well as email and social media campaigns will help catch the attention of the right buyer.

You Hired Your Second Cousin's Friend, Instead Of A Pro

We all know an acquaintance that does real estate on the side, but if you're serious about selling your home, work with an expert. Find an agent with local expertise and a hard-hitting marketing plan. The right agent should have the resources you need to make the process of selling your home go as smoothly as possible.

Selling Your Home Is Easier, When Everything Home-related Is Under One Roof

Mountain Luxury is a complete in-house brokerage. When you sell your home with any of our expert agents, your home will receive unrivaled marketing services created by our marketing and design team, and access to staging services provided by our knowledgeable staging team. Why scramble for recommendations for a handy-person when your Mountain Luxury agent can recommend someone from our network of trusted contractors?

Mountain Luxury realtors have sold over $1B in real estate in Northern Utah and are experts in their market areas. Thinking about selling your home in Eden, Huntsville, Mountain Green, Park City, or surrounding areas? Request a free Home Consultation with a top real estate agent in your area today.

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