To Rent or Not to Rent? That is the Question.

To Rent or Not to Rent? That is the Question.

Posted by Brandi Hammon on Tuesday, June 19th, 2018 at 12:45pm.

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Four Things to Consider When Renting Out Your Casa 

By: Brandi Hammon

Second home owners often ask about renting their mountain homes. With the advent of AirBNB and the cost of maintaining second homes, it is definitely worth considering. Renting your home isn't for everyone, here are four things to consider before making a decision.


Is your community zoned for vacation rentals? By statue, many communities allow long term rentals (often defined as more than 30 days). In contrast, vacation rentals are usually under 30 days and most city and county ordinances don't specify if short-term rentals are allowed. Counties will contend this implies they are not allowed. Park City, Midway, Washington, and other counties passed bans regarding vacation rentals in certain zones. Weber County has none, but the renters of non-zoned vacation properties are advised to tread lightly. Properties located outside of rental areas need to be extremely conscientious of neighbors, number of guests, and the type of guests. 


There are several things to consider here. First, second homes are taxed at the full assessed rate vs. primary residences receive a 45% discount in Weber County. Note that homes with a long term renter qualify as a primary residence. Vacation rentals are liable for taxes, both sales tax and transient room tax. The Utah Tax Commission has been reaching out to ensure those taxes are paid. Income should also be reported on your taxes. This can move a second home to an investment property and qualify for other benefits and write-offs associated with investment properties. Check with a tax advisor and see how this can benefit you as there are complex details to navigate based on personal usage vs. rentals. The new tax plan omits interest deductions for newly purchased second homes, so transitioning to an investment may prove beneficial.


There are two options to renting your home: self management or using a vacation rental management company. If you're local to the property, self management might be the answer. However, rental companies offer many perks, with the biggest value being your time. Rental companies charge between 20-50% based on the property, marketing, and services offered. The real value is managing the reservations, cleaning the property, handling after hours calls, maintaining the home, and protecting you against fraud. An absentee owner can't personally inspect the home after renters leave. Using a management company will help protect the property and allow you to enjoy it.


One of the benefits of owning a second home is the ability to drop in and have your things already there. The freedom of visiting at will is limited, but by blocking times you frequently use the property, you can be sure to maintain access. If you end up not coming, just open those days back up. Create a locked closet for your personal items to maintain the convenience of an easy getaway.


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