Brigham City Municipal Airport

Brigham City Municipal Airport is a small public-use airport owned by and located in the city of Brigham City, Utah.  This airport is approximately 25 miles north of Ogden and 30 miles southwest of Logan.  Brigham City Municipal Airport serves as the general aviation airport for all of Box Elder County.

The history of Brigham City Municipal Airport dates back to the 1930s, when the government first constructed a rudimentary airstrip at the present site of the airport.  According to Brigham City’s website, the government constructed basic airstrips like this every fifty miles in every direction across the country.  The purpose of these airstrips was to serve as emergency landing zones, “because early airplanes did not have the capacity to travel long distances.”  As aviation technology improved over time, these emergency airstrips fell into disuse.  Brigham City eventually purchased this airstrip from the government—for a grand total of one dollar. 

Two local aviators, Harold Felt and Grant Nielsen, agreed to manage the airfield and eventually started a flight school—which they named Seagull Aviation—with a third partner, John Weir.  Seagull Aviation trained countless pilots over the years and did so until Weir’s death in 1993.

Since Brigham City purchased this little airstrip, it has grown over the years, receiving a number of additions, renovations, and upgrades.  Today, Brigham City Municipal Airport features an “8900 foot long, 100 foot wide asphalt runway with a 35 foot parallel taxiway and a runway stretch which would support the weight of a 737 aircraft.”

Brigham City Municipal Airport is also home to numerous hangars, storage spaces, and fixed-based operations (FBO) companies.  These companies offer a variety of aviation services, including aircraft storage, maintenance, de-icing, fueling, and more. 

In addition, approximately 75 aircraft are based at Brigham City Municipal Airport, and most of these are single-engine aircraft.

For more information about Brigham City Municipal Airport, call 435-734-6612 or click here.