Burton Elementary School

Burton Elementary School

School Administration

Principal: Denice Johnson

Counselor: Andrea Brewster


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School Info

Grades PK-6
Type Public

School Statistics

# Of Students 780
Classroom Size 25
Classes per Grade 2-3
Pupil/Tearch Ratio 23/1
# Of Full-Time Teachers 34

HC Burton Elementary School--or simply Burton Elementary School--located in Kaysville, Utah, is the home of the Bulldogs.  The school's mission, according to its website, is to "ensure that each child will attain his or her highest level of academic performance and develop to his or her fullest potential, physically, socially, and emotionally."

Today, Burton Elementary School enrolls approximately 750 students from preschool through sixth grade in Davis School District.  Principal Denece Johnson and her faculty and staff are committed to the academic and personal development of each and every student at Burton Elementary School.  To aid in that cause, the school has implemented a number of programs for the benefit of students.  One such program is Burton Bulldog Boundaries, which outlines behavioral and conduct procedures for students.  These procedures are reinforced positively and promote respectful behavior toward peers, appropriate classroom conduct, adherence to school rules and teachers' instruction, and much more.

Burton Elementary School invites parents to become involved at the school through classroom volunteer openings, the Burton Community Council, or the Burton PTA.  The Community Council is responsible for managing the school's funds, while the PTA organizes many exciting activities for the Burton Elementary School community.