Centerville Elementary School

Centerville Elementary School

School Administration

Principal: Dan Hansen

Counselor: Kris Pritchett


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School Info

Grades PK-6
Type Public

School Statistics

# Of Students 500
Classroom Size 24
Classes per Grade 2-3
Pupil/Tearch Ratio 26/1
# Of Full-Time Teachers 21

Centerville Elementary School, located in Centerville, Utah, is the home of the Eagles.  Principal Dan Hansen and his faculty and staff are dedicated to the academic and personal growth of each and every student at Centerville Elementary School.  According to the school's website, "We have awesome students here at Centerville Elementary, who have the potential to do fantastic things with their life.  It is (our) goal to do everything (we) can to help our student(s) reach that potential."

To aid in that mission, Centerville Elementary School offers a variety of programs and activities for the benefit of students.  One such program is StarFall, an online reading tool that helps teach children to read with phonics.  Other online learning tools include Netsmartz, Renaissance Place, SuccessMaker, and more.  Sixth-grade students at Centerville Elementary School even have the opportunity to participate in orchestra through a program offered by Viewmont High School.

Centerville Elementary School has a strong group of quality teachers and specialists who are committed to their students' success, and their hard work shows.  According to, Centerville Elementary School ranked seventh out of the 58 elementary schools in the Davis School District after the 2011-12 school year.  These rankings are based on proficiency in language arts and math.