Email Databases: Growing Your Clientele Organically

Email Databases: Growing Your Clientele Organically

 Email Databases: Growing your clientele organically

How Does Mountain Luxury Use Email?

Email marketing is one of our most successful marketing strategies here at ML. Our philosophy is to only market relevant information that is both interesting and engaging. Emailing to email is useless and offends potential clients. We take our time to deliver well designed and pertinent material once a month on average. We appreciate those who have trusted us with their contact information and do our best to send only compelling content.

Is Email Marketing Effective?

Yes. In fact, email marketing is second only to organic search in terms of how people discover a new website. When done right, email marketing builds a relationship and trust with clients by asking permissions to send personalized, relevant messages.

In terms of digital marketing, email is the most individualized and targeted form of communication. It speaks directly and exclusively with potential clients. It creates a way to stay in touch with clients who may not be ready to make a purchase, but have shown interest.

Using email as a marketing strategy requires effort. Effective practices include producing unique, creative content that your clientele will find both useful and interesting. When considering signing up for an email list for a business, there are two main questions. How often will emails be sent, and what is the quality of the content? In real estate, the fewer emails is often better. About one email campaign each month generates the lowest unsubscribe and highest open rates according to our own statistics. Secondly, is the information valuable? Content must be relevant to the client’s interests. Give an incentive to read, comment on, and share emails. Offering promotions, discounts, and unique information maintains interest. Don’t just sell the product, add elements of interest that are relevant to other aspects of their lives.

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What is an Email Database?

An email database is a list of individuals who have expressed interest in your business and given permission to market to them via email. A strong email list is a must for any business or real estate agent. There are numerous ways to build your email database, but it is an ongoing endeavor. The Mountain Luxury database consists of over 17,000 people, segmented and curated over the last 14 years. Email is one of our most valuable marketing channels and is paramount to a successful real estate company.

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Is Creating an Email List Worth it?

Subscribing to an email list shows interest and some level of trust in a company. Open and click rates vary by industry; real estate averages a 17% open rate and 1.5% click-through rate. Mountain Luxury open rates are 30% and click through rates are 8%. Our subscribers are engaged, interested and loyal. We don't pad our lists for the sake of adding numbers. We strive to reach only qualified potential clients.

A study by Hubspot states email databases decay by 22.5% each year but great marketers have substantially lower attrition. People unsubscribe or change email addresses all of the time so it’s crucial to constantly acquire new subscribers. Speaking of which, join our email list today for more helpful hints!

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