Fremont High School

Fremont High School

School Administration

Principal: Michele Parry

Counselor: N/A


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School Info

Grades 10-12
Type Public

School Statistics

# Of Students 1,800
Classroom Size 25
Classes per Grade 22
Pupil/Tearch Ratio 40/1
# Of Full-Time Teachers 85

Fremont High School, located in Plain City, Utah, is the home of the Silverwolves and first held classes in the fall of 1994.  The school is named as homage to the famous explorer John C. Fremont, whose reports from four different westward expeditions in the mid-1800s prompted Mormon pioneers to settle in Utah.

Principal Michele Parry is committed to creating a first-rate educational experience for students at Fremont High School and has promised to find new ways to improve instruction and to prepare students for life after high school.  Presently, students are offered many academic opportunities that cover a wide range of interests, including 11 advanced placement (AP) courses, multiple concurrent enrollment course (which give students college credit), and a Certified Nurse's Assistant (CNA) course for those pursuing a career in the medical field after graduating from Fremont High School.

Students also have the opportunity to join one of Fremont High School's 16 varsity sports teams, including football, baseball, softball, basketball, and much more.  David Hale, a former Baltimore Ravens football player and a current coach at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, is a graduate of Fremont High School and played football for the Silverwolves.