Journalism in Real Estate

Journalism in Real Estate

Journalism in Real estate, why journalism is important 

The Importance

In the real estate industry, effective journalism is becoming increasingly important. More than 90% of all potential buyers will start their search on the internet, so it’s crucial to establish a noteworthy online presence. Adding articles and blogs about an area can increase the interest people have in moving there; most want to be aware of the community they are potentially going to be involved in. How good are the schools? What extracurriculars are available? Giving them the information directly linked to a listing may inspire more enthusiasm about a home.

Community Based

Not only is journalism a great way to stay involved and engaged with the community, it’s important for potential buyers because it gives them insight to an area they are considering. Community Journalism is the compiling and distribution of news and current events in a predominantly small geographic area. The goal is to engage with the community and circulate information about local happenings such as sport competitions, upcoming events, and current issues. Community journalism can include everything from a "Things to Do in the Area" blog to an article about local politics. Basically, we give people a taste of the community before they commit to it.

community based journalism

Digitally Published

Digital Journalism is editorial content distributed via the internet as opposed to publishing in print. Here are 5 advantages of cyber journalism vs. traditional press:

  1. It’s convenient. There’s no limit to what you can access. After a piece has been published online, it’s quite literally at your fingertips. People research things that interest them, an article related to what they look up may catch their eye!

  2. Web journalism is interactive. The reader (usually) has the ability to comment on, “like”, and share a post. This feature has the ability to broaden an audience and get other members from the community involved.

  3. Fewer Limitations. In print, the amount of words able to fit on a page is constricted to usually no more than 1,000. On the internet there are no space constraints, you’re free to write as much about a topic as you feel necessary.

  4. It’s immediate. As soon the article is finished being revised and posted, it’s accessible. This doesn’t necessarily mean responses are guaranteed, but it’s possible.

  5. Lastly, web journalism can provide information that isn’t strictly related to the news. Articles can be written on anything and be posted for everyone to see. Even if the content isn’t stringently related to a business, it can be entertaining enough to generate more interest!

    digitally published

Engaging = Effective

In order to reach the desired audience there are a few key components to take into consideration.

First and foremost, the title of the work can make or break it. The name needs to be concise but still encompass the point of the piece. For example, if writing an article on The Great Salt Lakes’ brine shrimp industry and the title is “Salty Shrimp”, people aren’t going to know what they are about to read. However if titled  “Brine Shrimp of The Great Salt Lake,” people will know exactly what the article entails.

Secondly, information needs to be accurate. Creating quality content takes research and analysis. The better quality the research, the higher quality the writing. Citing sources is also crucial as any ideas you get from others can be copyrighted and get you in legal trouble!

Next, the content needs to be useful. Even if it’s on an obscure topic, don’t ramble on about futile things. The first four paragraphs should give all of the information necessary for the reader to develop an understanding of the topic. Otherwise, they get bored!

Lastly, publishing an article needs to be done professionally. Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential when trying to get an article, blog, or website more viewers. Search engines are how people find your work, they enter a phrase or a few keywords into the search bar and the most relevant information pops up first. This is because search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo all rank websites and the content based off of keyword usage, security, tags, and popularity.

It’s far more complicated than just that, so take a look at our SEO article!

Mountain Luxury’s Journalism:

Our writers are dedicated to providing readers with engaging subject matter that pertains to their lives. We are deeply involved with the Ogden Valley community and make it a priority to keep our clients updated on the latest happenings. Our personalized content is distributed towards a targeted audience through social media marketing and our email database. Whether it’s a training plan for the Ogden Marathon or an article about open houses, Mountain Luxury covers it all!

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