Journalism in Real Estate

Journalism in Real Estate

Journalism in Real estate, why journalism is important 

The Importance

More than 90 percent of all potential buyers will start their search on the internet. Effective community journalism is becoming increasingly important in establishing a noteworthy online presence. Adding articles and blogs about an area can increase the interest people have in moving there. Stories help prospective buyers get to know the community they are considering becoming involved in. How good are the schools? What is there to do? Who are some of their notable potential neighbors. Community story-telling may inspire more enthusiasm about a home or area.

Community Based

Not only is journalism a great way to stay involved and engaged with the community, it’s important for potential buyers because it gives them insight to an area they are considering. Community Journalism is the compiling and distribution of news, current events and human interest stories centered on a predominantly small geographic area. The goal is to engage with the community and circulate information about local happenings such as sport competitions, upcoming events, and current issues. Community journalism can include everything from a "Things to Do in the Area" blog to an article about a local event or profile on a prominent resident. Basically, we give people a taste of the community before they commit to it.

community based journalism

Mountain Luxury’s Journalism:

Our writers are dedicated to providing readers with engaging subject matter that pertains to their lives. We are deeply involved with the communities we represent and make it a priority to keep our clients updated on the latest happenings. Our customized content is distributed towards a targeted audience through social media marketing, our email database and through our print magazines. There are many reasons why we feel this is important.

Digitally Published

Articles posted to our blog are convenient. People research things that interest them, and an article related to what they look up may draw interest to the local area. Once that interest is there, online articles can be shared as easily as posting a link to an email, text message or social media channel. This helps your listing in ways beyond giving real life names, faces and events to the community. Not every viewer is going to be a prospective home buyer, but every click to our website helps sell your home. Each engagement in our website helps our standing in search engines, which boosts our ranking on those searches, which in turn helps feature your listing. It's a bit of a hidden art. To learn more, take a look at our SEO article.

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Print Media

A few times a year, we send out a magazine to our targeted mailing list featuring our latest listings. Compelling stories on the community help ensure that these books end up on the coffee table, not in the trash. Stories on the balloon festival, local non-profits, the World Wakeboarding Championships, new communities and developments, and area activities such as mountain biking, snowmobiling and skiing help engage prospective buyers, and add value to the featured listings.

We invest heavily in our magazines. By including interesting stories, we help humanize the community as well as the people selling your property. The writers and photographers we hire are also published in nationally acclaimed magazines and work with global brands. We print on high-quality paper stock to ensure that the words and photos look good. These investments in quality help set your listing apart.


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