North Summit Elementary School

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School Administration

Principal: Lori O'Connor



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Grades K-7
Type Public

School Statistics

# Of Students 400
Classroom Size 20-25
Classes per Grade 2-3
Pupil/Tearch Ratio 22:1
# Of Full-Time Teachers 18

North Summit Elementary School, located in Coalville, Utah, is a public elementary school that enrolls students from kindergarten through fourth grade. Approximately 400 students attend North Summit Elementary School today.

North Summit Elementary School's mission, according to its website, is to "provide a quality educational experience for all students, which promotes a love of learning and responsible citizenship."  Principal Lori O'Connor and her faculty and staff are committed to upholding this mission at North Summit Elementary School today.  To aid in that cause, the school provides a number of educational resources and programs to benefit students.  Many programs are accessible via links on the school's website, and they include StarFall, USU Interactive Mathematics, AAA Math, NetSmartz, Education Place, Pioneer Library, and many more.  North Summit Elementary School also provides special education classes for students with mental and physical disabilities and ESL courses for students whose first language is not English.
North Summit Elementary School believes that parental involvement is paramount to the long-term academic and personal success of students.  For that reason, the school has recently developed a Parent Involvement Plan to develop a partnership between North Summit Elementary School and parents in the community.  Furthermore, North Summit Elementary School invites parents to become involved at the school through classroom volunteer openings, the North Summit PTA, or the North Summit Community Council.