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The Importance of Staging

Staging is the process of preparing a home for sale by making it look good. It’s like, subtle makeup on a first date. It makes the property more appealing, but it isn’t misleading. It consists of deep cleaning, repairing damages, minor design changes, and decorating. At Mountain Luxury, we offer full staging services including cleaning, decluttering, furniture, bedding, and artwork. Why is staging important? Incorporating elements of interior design helps to accentuate the positive features of a home. When buyers see design possibilities, they are likely to pay more for the property.

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Professional Photography

Nothing matters more than exceptional photos in today’s digital market. With a variety of photography methods in our repertoire: drone photography, DSLR cameras, stabilizers and lighting techniques. Our in-house photographers deliver knock-your-socks-off images, not a fake HDR look or blown out windows. Our architectural journal quality delivers a confidence of professional representation in all forms including video, photography, graphic map overlays, and drone footage. And when the season changes, so do our photos. Yep, that’s us, reshooting when the flowers bloom.>

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Is Email Marketing Effective?

Email databases are comprised of users who have subscribed to your emailing list based on interest in your company. We send out emails approximately once per month with quality content that pertains to real estate. This means we don’t send out spam like recipes because that isn’t the reason our subscribers subscribed. Each email is personalized and because of this we have almost a 30% open rate (2x the amount of other real estate companies) and a click-through-rate that is 5x better than other real estate companies.

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Print Marketing

Print marketing is often an overlooked marketing technique because of online marketing popularity, however, it should not be underestimated. This method is the most personalized form of marketing possible, and it’s unique. Print marketing allows for a target audience to be reached and provides quality advertisements. At Mountain Luxury, we send out between 6,000-10,000 postcards to a targeted audience selected demographically. Personalized, pertinent prints typically generate more interest than irrelevant stuff others try to market with.

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Open Houses

Open houses have lost a lot of their popularity due to online marketing, but they can still be an effective technique. At Mountain Luxury, we heavily advertise open house events through postcards, emails, and social media. By combining these marketing strategies and inviting people in, the home ultimately gets more exposure. Often times we receive feedback (both positive and negative) that allows us to evaluate our selling techniques and market homes to the best of our ability.

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Community Journalism

Journalism in real estate is an involved task that includes creating engaging content for emails, articles, blog posts, print marketing, and social media marketing. Our professional writers ensure that subject matter pertains to reader’s lives by targeting an audience and ensuring that the material is relevant. Each piece published has one main goal: generate interest in the brand. Community journalism is an important part of real estate, so we do our best to stay actively involved!

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The Importance of Social Media

At Mountain Luxury, we are social media gurus. We use sophisticated tools to market across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media networks. We use our money to market our clients properties and track all of our ads and posts to see how many people we reach, how many people clicked on the ad, and how we can improve. Our advertisements have a lot of variety as well: Facebook Live walkthroughs, video work, professional photography, and interactive posts give us an advantage because they are interactive. Social media allows for organic connections, the more people “like” and “share” our posts, the more exposure we receive.

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Retargeting is a form of paid marketing that specifically targets users who have previously searched for our brand name or target keywords and visited our website. It takes time, commitment, and creativity in order to be an effective method of marketing. When used excessively however, retargeting can be annoying to the audience and hinder a company’s reputation. In order to reap the full benefits of this marketing technique take the time to learn about audience demographics.

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The Importance of a Website

Our website combines search engine optimization, journalism, web design and photography in order to give us the best exposure possible. Incorporating these elements means that we rank highly on search engines and provide engaging, interactive content. We generate approximately 160 new leads each month through our website because we work diligently to provide visitors with useful information. This website, the one you are currently on right now, is one of the best marketing tools we have.


Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO) is a strategy to help webpages show up on the top of Google, Bing, etc. SEO is an extremely involved process requiring the analysis of keywords, audience demographics, website security, and much more. We utilize SEO by consistently updating our online material, using correct writing techniques and web page structure to make sure our properties rank at the top. The better the SEO on a website, the more potential buyers find it, and that is why you hire us.

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