VIP Grand Opening

VIP Grand Opening | May 21st, 2021 

Beautiful Eden Sunset of the Mountain Luxury Lodge

Join Mountain Luxury, Bertoldi Architects, and Peddlers Cafe at the grand opening of their new location, the Mountain Luxury Lodge (3632 N Wolf Creek Dr. Eden)! Enjoy a newly remodeled interior, beautiful views, delicious food & beverages, and receive a free accurate comparative market analysis of your property by one of Mountain Luxury's agents!


Private Event Reservations

Do you need a space to host a private event? Rent our new home! Contact Mountain Luxury Lodging at 801.745.3194 or email


Office Space & Ski Lockers

Work from the comfort of our new home. Lease private office space for $675/month. You can also rent ski lockers for $975/year. Call 801.745.8400 or tap on the Chat in the bottom right of the browser to reserve today!


Architectural Renderings