Wasatch Elementary

Wasatch Elementary School, located in Ogden, Utah, is the home of the Wildcats.  The school, which first held classes in the fall of 1951, is named after the beautiful Wasatch Mountains, a mountain range that stretches north and south across much of Utah.  The school has undergone numerous renovations in its time and is currently in the process of receiving two new high-tech classrooms.  Today, Wasatch Elementary School enrolls approximately 390 students and is led by Principal Suzanne Bolar.

Wasatch Elementary School is particularly proud of its talented student body.  The school's mission, according to its website, is to "Maximize educational opportunities for all students," and over the years, students at Wasatch Elementary School have always made the most of their opportunities.  Students have partaken in operettas, holiday pageants, plays, choir performances, and art and science exhibits.  In addition, students have participated and excelled in safety programs, academic competitions, and fitness programs.

Wasatch Elementary School is also proud of its Community Council and PTA.  Both the Community Council and PTA are active, and Wasatch Elementary School encourages parents to become involved at the school through one of those outlets.  Parents may also contribute through classroom volunteer openings.