A Home Staging Case Study

Could Staging Your Home Help It Sell Faster & For More?

Consider this case study — A family bought their home in Ogden Valley for $450K in a foreclosure sale through Mountain Luxury. Over the next six years, their needs and lifestyle changed. It was time to sell. But they weren't sure what updates and repairs to focus on. After our walk-through, our recommendations added up to $50K, ouch.

Mountain Luxury Takes Care Of The Details

Mountain Luxury collected bids from our network of trustworthy contractors, and oversaw all of the scheduling and details. The family went on vacation while the renovations took place.

We managed the entire process — the driveway was repaired, the interior received new paint, and the entry door was re-stained. We had the cabinetry touched up, replaced the carpet, buffed out the scratches in the hardwood floors, replaced the dishwasher and microwave, caulked gaps around the windows, freshened up the landscaping, and gave the home a thorough cleaning before our in-house staging team styled it with on-trend furnishings and decor.

The first person to tour the home fell in love with it and made a full-price offer. The $50K investment brought an increase of $341K to the final sales price, for a net return of $291K, or five times the investment. This home went from $225 per square foot to $301 per square foot.

Find Out How Staging May Increase Your Listing Price

Not every seller’s circumstances will align with this scenario, but it demonstrates the degree of expertise and scope of service that Mountain Luxury offers. Our home staging services can help you get the biggest return on your investment, increase the perceived value of your home, and help buyers fall in love.

Explore our top tips for staging your home and connect with an experienced Mountain Luxury realtor in your area today for a free Home Consultation and walk-through.