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Mountain Luxury Real Estate

Mountain Luxury is a woman-owned company founded by Brandi Hammon 19 years ago in Eden, UT. As Ogden Valley’s leading real estate brokerage, we specialize in finding the best mountain properties for our clients in Huntsville, Eden, and Liberty, Utah. Our boutique experience is designed to get you as close to the ski resorts, trails, and wildlife as possible. Whether you’re searching for your forever home or vacation home, we take care of everything — with our best-in-class real estate services and second-home property management services.

Based in the heart of Ogden Valley, from the Mountain Luxury Lodge we share our passion for the great outdoors, connecting over the things that matter most—the crunch of leaves under your tire, the ripples of water behind your kayak, the dreamlike float through powder on a bluebird day. Nothing compares to sharing that fresh mountain air with the ones that give life purpose, and we are here to help you find that perfect place.

As experts in our field, we help our clients navigate all the ups and downs that come with embarking on one of life’s biggest adventures. We are the guides for all your double black diamonds in real estate — the pros to lead you through every narrow turn, steep jump, and adrenaline-pumping part of the transaction process.

Ready to create fresh tracks together?


Mountain Luxury connects individuals to mountain communities.


Mountain Luxury strives to better serve clients and communities using innovative tools and resources that help connect those searching for home with their perfect ski town property. We customize, curate, and provide the best world-class real estate experience possible.


Best-in-Class Marketing, Resources, and Client Care

  • Unrivaled Marketing
    We maximize your property's exposure with leading-edge marketing that incorporates web, email, social, text, video, photo, journalism, branding, magazine, postcard, flyers, and books.

  • Flat Fee Staging
    Tailored to yield a significant return on your investment, expertly staged homes sell faster and for more.

  • White-Glove Representation
    Just show up for a signature or two. We take care of pricing, negotiation, legal, and repair/moving coordination.

  • The Mountain Luxury Network
    We connect you to influential members of the communities we serve. Elevate your property’s exposure through a network of 20,000 potential buyers.

  • The Luxury Team
    The Luxury Team has successfully sold $1 Billion in real estate.

  • Ogden Valley’s Leading Brokerage
    We’ve sold & purchased more properties in Ogden Valley than any other brokerage and through qualitative data analysis, offer an in-depth understanding of it’s market.

  • Top Ranking Website on Google
    By investing heavily in SEO and our in-house technology we provide users with the best tool to find their mountain home as well as amplify the exposure of our seller’s properties.


Mountain Luxury Elevates champions balance and support in mountain communities by fostering trail stewardship, conserving open spaces, preserving habitats, and empowering community non-profits.

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