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Northern Utah Real Estate Marketing Services

The Mountain Luxury team offers unmatched marketing services for our clients. From our top-ranking website on Google created with SEO best practices, to photography and social media, we utilize traditional marketing as well as cutting-edge techniques to maximize your property’s exposure.


Every month we email a 18+ year curated network of 14,000 clients and a 6,000 strong lodging database. Occasionally, we’ll also email 20,000 Utah real estate agents.

While the average open rate for the real estate industry is 16%, Mountain Luxury’s is around 50% and climbing because our clients trust that if we show up in their inbox, it’s worth a click.

We analyze data to improve our strategy and content. This quality-over-quantity approach keeps our engagement high and unsubscribes low, so when our clients are ready to buy or sell, we are front of mind and so is your property.

Exclusive Listing Pages

Our Featured Listings are designed exclusively for our website, with unique copywriting and videography to help them rank higher and more organically on a Google search.

Mountain Luxury invests in proprietary technology that simplifies and enhances the user experience on our site, connecting prospective buyers not just to a home, but to its community as well.

Mountain Luxury In-House Magazine

Our annual in-house magazine presents our exclusive listings, reaching 20,000 selected potential buyers along the Wasatch. Featuring Northern Utah mountain lifestyle content and spotlights on Utah builders, architects, and designers, as well as other ML partnerships to further showcase Utah’s incredible outdoor community and exceptional local talent.

Videography & Photography

Our elevated photography creates a strong first impression, capturing the heart of your ideal buyer. ML photographers take stylized shots from different angles in each room, as well as exterior shots both in daylight and twilight to showcase your house in its most inviting form.

We have specialized equipment to create a mapped-out floor plan of your home and offer drone photography to give potential buyers an epic bird’s eye view of the entire property.

For our premiere listings, we offer professionally produced videography services to capture everything a still image can’t.


Our team stays current with social media trends on major channels like Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook, with the way we capture content and the way it's shared.

Open Houses

We’ve taken a traditional real estate practice and made it better. Because our marketing team creates thoughtful, professionally designed emails and postcards for our listing’s open house events, we revel in larger potential buyer turnouts.

Home Books & Flyers

In a competitive market like Utah’s, Mountain Luxury home books and flyers create a meaningful takeaway for buyers. When buyers are deciding between multiple properties, these materials highlight all of your home’s stand-out features with beautiful photography and make a lasting impression.