Brandi Hammon

Brandi Hammon

Brandi Hammon
Founder & Principal Broker


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Brandi Hammon likes doing hard, exhausting things that some may even call horrible. Think mountaineering in Alaska, racing 100 miles on a mountain bike above 10,000 feet or starting her own real estate brokerage from scratch.

As the founder of Mountain Luxury Real Estate and Lodging, her life’s work is a unique combination of selling beautiful mountain homes and protecting the land and community that surrounds them. For Brandi, there’s no separating what she does and why. Her business is a natural extension of her personal passions, and her success is evidence of how deeply that passion runs.

When she eventually launched into real estate, it didn’t take long for Brandi to tap her own entrepreneurial spirit and start creating a new kind of brokerage. She spent a few scrappy years teaching herself the ins and outs of the industry, at one point knowing (and even doing) every role within her company. Having grown up on ranchland that was eventually sold and developed, Brandi’s life mission became clear: build a life for herself and others within the mountains while maintaining their magic.

Brandi actively sells real estate and is one of northern Utah’s top performing brokers. She serves a sophisticated clientele in a variety of transactions including residential, commercial, developments, new construction, second home, short sale, foreclosure, and investment properties. Her philosophy could be summed up as “doing it right, not cheap,” an ethos she’s earned through years of experience and self-taught knowledge. Because Brandi’s career took off in sales before real estate, she’s never been held back by the traditional ideas of what a brokerage is or isn’t. Brandi is always chasing better ways to do what she does, evolving toward whatever yields the best results for her clients and company regardless of the status quo which has lead to a breadth of knowledge she readily shares with her clients.

Brandi is an avid traveler who prioritizes adventure over comfort. From the moment she stepped on her first flight to Europe to when her husband proposed on the summit of Mont Blanc (freezing temperatures and stomach bugs included), travel has been a defining part of her family life. She is happiest spending time with the people she loves in places that don’t have cell service. You might say she’s comfortable being very uncomfortable.

The one thing Brandi might be incapable of is not caring. Rather than just live in the areas her companies service, she is deeply involved in fighting for their betterment. Brandi serves or has served on several Boards including the Ogden Valley Land Trust, Weber School Foundation, Snowbasin Sports Education Foundation, and Ogden Contemporary Arts to name a few. She feels strongly that businesses have a responsibility to improve their communities, and has always backed up that belief with action. That includes writing checks which included over $60,000 in 2021 alone.

Brandi is most at home when chasing her next venture, and she’d love nothing more than to help chase yours.