ML Lodge

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Ogden Valley's Hub

Home to Mountain Luxury Real Estate and Lodging, Peddlers Cafe and Catering, Bertoldi Architects, Cross Country Mortgage, Root & Petal Esthetics, Big Canyon Homes, Luxe Massage, and more to come, visitors will enjoy a one-stop-shop for everything home-related while being able to relax, recharge, and indulge in a refreshing sping on food & drink. The Mountain Luxury Lodge is located at 3632 N Wolf Creek Dr. Eden.

Private Event Reservations

Do you need a space to host a private event or corporate retreat? Rent our new space here.

Office Space & Ski Lockers

Work from the comfort of our new home. Lease private office space for $675/month. You can also rent ski lockers for $40/month. Call 801.745.8400 or email for more.