• Causey Estates is a gated vacation-home subdivision in an unincorporated area of Weber County, Utah.


    Huntsville, UT



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Causey Estates Real Estate News

Located roughly three miles south of Causey Reservoir and 13 miles east of Huntsville, Utah, Causey Estates is nestled comfortably in the high Mountains near Monte Cristo.  Though access to Causey Estates is not available year-round; this neighborhood is ideal for those who wish to build a summer escape home that's not too far away.  Downtown Huntsville is within 25 minutes, Ogden City is within 45, and Salt Lake City is within 90.  In addition, Causey Reservoir and Highway 39--which leads to the Monte Cristo Recreational Area--are only minutes away.  

Causey Estates is a large subdivision with over 150 lots.  Beautiful Aspen trees surround most lots in the neighborhood, privacy and seclusion. Most lots in Causey Estates are near two acres in size, though a few lots are over six acres.  Lots range from $80,000 to upwards of $250,000.

Roads into Causey Estates are unpaved and private and are therefore not maintained by Weber County. Lots in Causey Estates have access to water, and though the water is safe for consumption, filters are recommended.  Lot owners must purchase and install their own septic tanks.  Landline phone service is not available in Causey Estates, though satellite phones have been proven to be a serviceable option.  Internet and natural gas are not available at this time.

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