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"The first in the Trench and the last to leave," is a saying Tanner has known as long as he can remember. Coming from a construction family, hard work has never been something to fear, yet something to embrace. It could be a blistering hot summer's day or a frigid winter's night, he will be there to help you find the right real estate for you. With a passion for hard work and determination to excel, not a day goes by that he does not focus on his clients. The hard work starts early in the mornings with one of his passions, the gym. He discovered this passion through high school football at Weber High, a Student Officer graduate of the 2018 class. Soon after graduation, he attended college at Utah State University for finance and economics and is now considering a further degree in software engineering to study and learn to build AI. Efficiency has always been key, and he believes the future will be AI-oriented. One of his favorite parts of real estate is the introduction to many different people. A core belief of his is, "There are no strangers. Only friends to be made!" Customer service has been something he has been a part of since he was 8 years old working at the local Trout Farm. Meeting new people is his passion, and he will be sure to have a smile on his face as he shakes your hand. Cheers to new friends and to finding their dream real estate!