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What We Can Learn From Luxury Home Design

Photo: Luxury Craftsmanship By Rhema Kallianpur


Emily Primbs


Apr 7, 2024

At Mountain Luxury, our realtor team has had the privilege of walking through many of the luxury mountain homes along the Wasatch Mountains, especially in Eden, Utah and Huntsville, Utah, where world-class outdoor recreation coincides with the surrounding country-side communities.

The rugged beauty and the excellent snow conditions at Snowbasin Ski Resort and Powder Mountain, the beaches and abundance of water sports at Pineview Reservoir, and the extensive network of mountain biking and hiking trails that explode with wildflower in the summer, attract luxury homebuyers and second homebuyers from across the globe.

Here are the key takeaways we've learned from touring luxury homes, as well as helping our clients buy and sell luxury homes.

What Sets A Luxury Home Apart

What makes a home a luxury home may seem obvious. In most areas, the listing price is usually a sure giveaway. And we could easily point out the high-end appliances, furnishings, and luxury outdoor amenities and leave it at that. But there is often something more to luxury home design that is hard to put your finger on.

Here are the top 4 qualities that every luxury home we've walked through share, and what we can learn from them:


Luxury Craftsmanship By Rhema Kallianpur

Luxury homes often include intricate woodwork, custom cabinetry, and handcrafted moldings. Hardwoods, natural stones, and designer tiles are also typically used to build to the highest standards of quality.

These materials add sophistication to a home and will often command higher resale values.

What we can learn: Paying attention to detail can elevate the overall look of a home, regardless of its size or budget. Taking time to focus on small details like trim work, hardware finishes, and paint can significantly improve the perceived value of a home.

Take inspiration from luxury craftsmanship by incorporating a combination of textures and surfaces to add richness to your home.


Design Collaboration by Deconovo

Building a luxury home requires expertise across various disciplines. Collaborating with architects, engineers, interior designers, and project managers, ensures the luxury builder executes the client's vision to perfection.

Every aspect of the home from architectural features to interior finishes, is meticulously planned to be in harmony with the home as a whole.

What we can learn: Seek advice from professionals. DIY projects can only take a home so far. Focus on investing in key areas like kitchens, bathrooms, landscaping, and updating your home's exterior.

Working with architects, interior designers, builders, and landscape designers can help you have a cohesive design plan for your home that could save you time, money, and frustration.


Innovative Luxury Shower Design by Haley Truong

Many luxury homes feature innovative technology with an eye toward function and sustainability. Environmentally friendly practices and design that incorporate energy-efficient systems, eco-friendly material materials, and renewable sources reflect the sense of responsibility and stewardship of the environment that many luxury builders and luxury homebuyers possess.

What we can learn: Many of the innovations in luxury homes enhance comfort, convenience, and sustainability. Incorporate smart-home technology that allows you to control aspects of your home environment remotely. You can easily adjust lighting, cooling, security, and more through your phone.

Invest in upgrades like solar panels, high-efficiency HVAC systems, and energy-efficient windows. Even replacing lights with LED bulbs will reduce energy consumption.

Home As A Curated Experience

Home Sauna by Huum

The landscape for the luxury real estate market has evolved. It's not just about paying a premium for the best location or view anymore. A luxury home is now considered a retreat, a private oasis, that promotes well-being and reduces stress.

Therefore luxury homes often feature high-end amenities you used to find only in upscale hotels or elite clubs. Now, luxury home design can include custom saunas, spa-like bathrooms that rival the St. Regis Aspen Resort's, home gyms, theater rooms, golf rooms, multi-tiered pools, and more, to fit the lifestyle of a luxury homebuyer.

What we can learn: Your home should fit you and your needs and hobbies. Prioritize wellness by creating a dedicated area for exercise or relaxation, even if it's just a small corner for yoga. Add a eucalyptus bundle to your shower head to give your bathroom a spa-like atmosphere. Even small changes to your space can give your home a peaceful ambiance.

Find Your Luxury Home In Eden, Utah

Custom Home Built by Big Canyon Homes

Luxury home design can be a work of art in its own right. There are many things we can learn from the craftsmanship, collaboration, innovation and curated living experience found in luxury real estate.

Along the Wasatch Mountains in Northern Utah, there are many luxury homes and communities in sought-after areas surrounding the world-class ski resorts and outdoor recreation in Park City, Salt Lake City, and Eden, Utah.

Ogden Valley is home to Snowbasin Ski Resort and Powder Mountain, two of Utah's top ski destinations. Explore the luxury mountain homes in Eden and Huntsville, Utah and live within 20 minutes of the resorts. Or discover ski in ski out properties at Powder Mountain and ski out your door.

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