Weber County Tax Rates

Weber County Tax Rates

Posted by Brandi Hammon on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018 at 9:05am.


Know your Weber County Property Tax Rate!

Tax rates in Weber County vary year to year.  Take note, if your property is in unincorporated Weber County then this is your tax rate for a non-primary residence or land (not in greenbelt) property.  There is a discount given to primary residence homes, condos, etc.  Further information on Primary vs. Non-Primary Tax Rates can be found here.

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Utah homes located in an incorporated city have an additional tax added to them. Ogden’s property tax rate is 1.7034% and each city shall vary.   Here is a list of the Weber County Property Tax Rates for 2018 based on 2017 information:


Harrisville                  1.3786%

North Ogden              1.3813%

Marriott-Slaterville     1.3812%

Pleasant View            1.3767%

Farr West                  1.3567%

Plain City                   1.1362%

West Haven               1.3068%

South Ogden              1.4202%

Huntsville                   1.3449%

Eden                          1.2224%

Liberty                       1.2802%

Washington Terrace     1.4183%

Riverdale                    1.238%

Uintah                        1.1456%

Roy                            1.4276%

Hooper                       1.3581%

Ogden                        1.7034%


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