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Jul 11, 2015


May 3, 2022

Calling all our lady friends once again!  Do you enjoy cycling? If you do, you may have participated in the Rockwell Relay Series Ladies Pamperfest Challenge in July, or the Wildflower Pedalfest in August—both of which we promoted on our blog.  If you participated in either of these events and enjoyed them, or if you were unable to but would like another chance, you’re in luck because another similar event is just around the corner: the Wildflower Trailfest

The Wildflower Trailfest is another women-only cycling event, set to take place at Snowbasin Resort this Saturday, September 14th.  Wildflower Outdoor, a women’s outdoor gear company that sponsored the Wildflower Pedalfest, is sponsoring this event as well. 

Wildflower Outdoor’s first event earlier this summer, Wildflower Pedalfest, was held on main roads in Morgan Valley.  This time, however, riders will take to the trails of Snowbasin for the Wildflower Trailfest. 

It’s no secret among mountain-bikers in Ogden Valley that Snowbasin offers some of the very finest biking trails in northern Utah, which is exactly Wildflower Outdoor chose to hold the Wildflower Trailfest here.  Two of the best mountain-biking trails at Snowbasin are Green Pond Loop and Last Chance Loop, and these are the two courses on which the Wildflower Trailfest will take place.

Wildflower Trailfest is open to riders of all ages and skill level.  For beginners, Green Pond Loop is the way to go.  This course is five miles and has an elevation gain of approximately 800 feet.  For intermediate riders, the “Sport” course is recommended.  This is one lap around Last Chance Loop, a ten-mile trail with an elevation gain of roughly 1,100 to 1,500 feet.  For advanced riders, the “Expert” course is recommended.  This is two laps around Last Chance Loop for a total of 20 miles and an overall elevation gain of approximately 3,000 feet.  All races are split into age groups and timed to determine the winner.

Beyond the three races, Wildflower Trailfest will also offer free continental breakfast to all riders before the races begin.  Furthermore, free massages will be available after the individual races are complete.  Riders will also have the option to purchase tickets to a post-race barbeque presented by Snowbasin. 

If you wish to compete in the Wildflower Trailfest on September 14th, registration is still open and costs $55 per rider.  To register, click here.

If you’re looking for lodging accommodations in Ogden or Ogden Valley, we recommend checking out Lakeside Resort Properties.  Located in Huntsville on the southern shore of Pineview Reservoir, Lakeside Resort is the closest lodging to Snowbasin.  You could wake up on the morning of the race and be at the starting line in less than ten minutes.  To learn more about Lakeside Resort, click here.

To learn more about the Wildflower Trailfest and Wildflower Outdoor, click here.

To all those competing in the Wildflower Trailfest, we wish you the best of luck!

Keep an eye on our blog for more upcoming events in Ogden Valley.

Trent Olsen contributed to this article.

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By Brandi Hammon

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