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Elementary school

Valley Elementary School

Website | 801.452.4180 | 5821 E 1900 N, Eden, UT 84310

Valley Elementary's mission statement is, "In our Valley Community, we are committed to every child’s success." They also share their vision statement, which is "prepared, committed, positive, compassionate, supportive, courageous, collaborative, lifelong learners and proactive innovators with a growth mindset".

Middle school

Snowcrest Junior High School

Website | 801.452.4180 | 2755 N Hwy 162, Eden, UT 84310
This middle school's mission statement is, "Snowcrest Jr. High empowers students to gain and demonstrate knowledge, develop skills, cultivate positive character traits and build individual success." They offer several activities, including, but not limited to: volleyball, baseball, softball, track and basketball.