Alta Ski Area And Real Estate Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Alta Ski Area

Explore the most frequently asked questions about Alta Ski Area, Utah. As one of North America's premier ski areas, Alta has legendary powder, stunning alpine scenery, a rich skiing heritage, and even a little bit of controversy. Read on to learn more about Alta Ski Area.

Can you live in Alta Utah?

While primarily known as a ski resort destination located in the Wasatch Mountains, southeast of Salt Lake City, there are some permanent residents who live in Alta, Utah year-round. The Alta community is small with limited amenities, encouraging a lifestyle that revolves around outdoor recreation in a secluded mountain environment.

Where to stay in Alta, Utah?

There are many lodging options available for visitors who want to stay in Alta, Utah.

  • Alta Lodge — rustic accommodations that offer ski in ski out access, and has been a fixture in Alta since 1939.
  • Snowpine Lodge — a luxury hotel located at the base of Alta Ski Area.
  • Alta Peruvian Lodge — a historic, European-style all-inclusive ski lodge with rustic charm.
  • Goldminer's Daughter Lodge — ski in ski out access, all-inclusive lodge.

You can also stay near Snowbird, Alta's neighboring ski resort.

  • The Cliff Lodge — a ski in ski out lodge at Snowbird Ski Resort with great access to the slopes, a world-class spa, and rooms that range from standard to luxury suites.
  • The Lodge at Snowbird — located within a short walking distance of the Snowbird Center and Aerial Tram.
  • Iron Blosam Lodge — Snowbird's shared ownership condo development.
  • The Inn at Snowbird — nestled in Snowbird's pedestrian village, with amenities like an outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, steam room and fitness center.

Why is Alta famous?

Alta is famous for its ban on snowboarding. As one of the few remaining ski resorts in the U.S. that does not allow snowboarding, Alta has sparked debates within the skiing and snowboarding communities, and has even led to snowboarders attempting to challenge this policy by hiking up the mountain just to get a taste of the "Alta Magic".

Is Alta the oldest ski resort?

Alta is one of the oldest ski resorts in the U.S. and has a rich skiing heritage dating back to when it was established in 1938. However, there are other ski resorts that predate Alta such as Sun Valley Resort in Idaho that opened in 1936, and Mt. Hood Ski Bowl in Oregon that opened in 1928.

How much snow does Alta get a year?

Alta Ski Area gets about 500 inches of snowfall annually. The combination of its location in the Wasatch Mountains, as well as the lake-effect snow created by the nearby Great Salt Lake, bestows the ski area with an abundance of the deep, light, dry powder snow that Utah is renowned for, often referred to as "the greatest snow on earth".

What is the most snow ever recorded at Alta Ski Resort?

The most snow ever recorded in a single season at Alta Ski Area in Utah was during the 2022-2023 season in which Alta received an astonishing 903 inches of snowfall. This shattered the previous record of 748 inches during the winter of 1981-1982. These milestones are a testament to the area's reputation as a paradise for skiers seeking deep powder conditions.

Are homes for sale near Alta Ski Resort?

Yes there are homes for sale near Alta Ski Area. While properties and land in Alta are limited in terms of inventory and are in high demand, there are more real estate options available the further from the resort in surrounding areas.

What are the homes like near Alta Ski Resort?

There is a variety of ski in ski out properties, mountain cabins, luxury homes, townhomes, and condos near Alta Ski Area.

Is real estate expensive by Alta?

The Utah real estate market in popular ski resort areas like Alta command higher prices due to their convenience and desirability for ski enthusiasts. Properties in close proximity to the ski area or offering ski in ski out access are considered premium real estate.

What are the best places to live near Alta?

  • Snowbird — adjacent to Alta, Snowbird has some residential options.
  • Cottonwood Heights — popular residential area in Salt Lake Valley, 10-15 minute drive to Alta.
  • Sandy — suburb of Salt Lake City, located about 20-30 minutes from Alta.
  • Salt Lake City — vibrant urban living, 30-45 minute drive to Alta.