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The town of Huntsville, Utah, offers an abundance of trail options, ranging from challenging full-day hikes to leisurely dirt path loops suitable for families. Whether you prefer single tracks, ascents, or downhills, there is a trail for everyone to explore while basking in the serene beauty of the valley, which often features sightings of deer or moose. Moreover, many of the trails in this area are dog friendly, but be sure to keep your furry friend leashed for safety reasons.

Nearby Snowbasin

Snowbasin Trail

Intermediate | 1.5 miles | Directions

This trail offers a fun and moderate challenge with some sections featuring a considerable amount of rocks. While it's not particularly steep, there are technical portions that can provide a bit of excitement for riders. Accessing the trail from the Snowbasin base does require traversing a lengthy stretch of the access road, which includes a few steep uphill sections. However, this offers the opportunity to take in the scenic surroundings along the way.

Nearby Snowbasin

East Fork Wheeler Creek Trail

Intermediate | 3.2 miles | Directions

The East Fork of Wheeler Creek trail is a wonderful option for hikers and bikers seeking a moderate challenge. Its wide trail tread was thoughtfully designed to accommodate sharing the trail with horses and bicycles. The trail offers a consistent uphill grade from Art Nord to Green Pond, providing a satisfying workout with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. For those seeking a longer adventure, the trail connects to the Middle Fork of Wheeler Creek trail near the Green Pond trailhead, making for an excellent loop trip.

Nearby Snowbasin

Wheeler Canyon

Intermediate | 2.0 miles | Directions

Located in the picturesque Wheeler slot canyon, this trail provides a delightful and moderately challenging adventure for riders seeking a memorable experience. Although the trail features mild, steady climbs on a rocky and root-strewn tread, the breathtaking vistas along the way more than compensate for any exertion. Upon reaching the Art Nord trailhead, riders can opt to either continue on the Wheeler Creek - East Fork Trail or take the Wheeler Creek Trail for a change of pace.

Nearby Snowbasin

Ice Box Canyon

Expert | 1 mile | Directions

Icebox Canyon is a thrilling and entertaining shortcut that winds through a dense forested watercourse, presenting riders with a challenging and exciting adventure. The trail features numerous obstacles, including rock gardens, tree obstructions, tight hairpin turns, steep inclines, and even some exposure. Despite being only a mile in length, the trail offers a fun and enjoyable ride for those seeking an adventurous experience.

Nearby Snowbasin

Sardine Peak

Intermediate | 7.5+ miles | Directions

This 8-mile loop is impeccably maintained and boasts some outstanding riding. Riders are encouraged not to overlook the optional 0.5-mile spur near the top, which leads to the Coldwater Canyon overlook and provides spectacular views of Pineview along the backside, just east of Sardine Peak itself. Clockwise riding is generally considered to be easier and leads to a more sustained downhill experience. The Maples trailhead at the back end of Snowbasin's Lot 2 is the ideal starting point for this ride. From there, riders can proceed up a doubletrack for roughly half a mile.

Nearby Snowbasin

Green Pond Trail

Beginner | 2.5+ miles | Directions

Explore this popular 2.9-mile out-and-back trail near Huntsville, Utah, which is enjoyed year-round by hikers, mountain bikers, and snowshoers. With a manageable difficulty level, this trail is ideal for families and features a scenic picnic area and a small pond. Please note that horses are no longer permitted on this trail. Expect to encounter other outdoor enthusiasts while enjoying the trail.

Nearby Snowbasin


Expert | 4.5+ miles | Directions

Exciting alternative to Needles, with great scenery and occasional rocky and rooty sections. Follow signs and watch for two-way traffic. Better for downhill than Needles, shorter with better flow and slightly more technical rock sections. In the early Spring, there are a number of stream crossings.

Nearby Snowbasin

Needles Trail

Expert | 6.5+ miles | Directions

Snowbasin's main trail, Needles, splits into smaller designated trails. Trail #1 begins at Snowbasin Resort and ascends to Needles Lodge, covering 7,000ft in elevation. Additional trails intersecting from Needles are Maples #13, Green Pond Loop #11, Porcupine #3, Sunshine #6, Last Chance Loop #10, Elk Ridge #9, Becker #8, Moonshine Trees #2, Middle Bowl #7, and Philpot #4. Hiking beyond the bike trail includes Strawberry Trail, Ridge Trail, and John Paul Trail.

Nearby Huntsville

Ogden Canyon Overlook Trail

Intermediate | 5.5+ miles | Directions

Enjoy a popular 5.4-mile out-and-back trail near Huntsville, UT. It's moderately challenging and takes 2.5 hours to complete. Expect to encounter other hikers, bikers, and horseback riders. Dogs are allowed and can be off-leash in some areas. Great for families. Access the trail by parking at the lower lot at Snowbasin Resort and following the gravel road for 0.75 miles. Look for an info board near an old gate.

Nearby Causey Reservoir

Skull Crack Trail

Intermediate | 4.5+ miles | Directions

Explore a popular 4.5+-mile trail. Moderately challenging, it takes 2 hours to complete and is open year-round for camping, fishing, and hiking. Skull Crack Trail on Causey Reservoir's South Shore rises to 700ft above the lake and attracts hikers, bikers, riders, and fishermen. Enjoy the lake's aqua green color in summer and canoeing and kayaking opportunities. Popular in spring, summer, and fall, even for winter snowshoers. Find your pleasure at Skull Crack and Causey Reservoir.