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Otto-Walker Architects

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Through a commitment to extraordinary aesthetic design and an intimate understanding of each building site's natural characteristics, Otto/Walker Architects have experienced success in Park City, Utah. These structures highlight their surrounding environment while standing firm against any challenge posed by nature - a timelessly beautiful testament to the power of architecture. The firm specializes in consultancy and design.


Klima Architecture

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Klima projects are crafted with precision, each home tailored to its unique environment. Relying on their in-depth knowledge of energy efficiency principles and techniques, they work to ensure that the dwellings built will help reduce their occupants' environmental impact for generations to come. At the beginning of every project, the firm becomes invested partners with its clients. Through keen observation and analysis, they aim to create a program that carefully considers size goals, scope parameters and budgetary limitations while capably responding to its clients' design aspirations.

Architecture firm

Elliott Workgroup

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This firm is driven by a mission to create conscious, curious architectural designs that positively contribute to and enhance the built environment. Their design philosophy emphasizes doing good for all involved – from their clients and community participants down to planet-level initiatives. With multi-disciplined expertise in architecture, interiors, landscape planning, and more, our innovative team searches far into corners, both known and unknown, where creativity can flourish.


Costantino Grandjacquet Architect

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With a passion for design, Costantino pursued his architectural studies at the Universita degli Studi 'La Sapienza' in Rome before continuing them overseas to the Rhode Island School of Design. His desire for excellence was rewarded with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1993, which inspired him to head west - all the way from Italy to Utah! Since then, he has been crafting exquisite custom homes and is proudly licensed as an architect within that state.

Landscape architect

Bockholt Landscape Architecture

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Bockholt is dedicated to creating beautiful and inviting outdoor spaces for people in Park City, Utah. Since 2012 they have specialized in transformative landscaping projects that elegantly meld with the unique environment of the American West. Their passion lies in developing welcoming gardens and landscapes that captivate clients through awe-inspiring designs, ensuring more time spent outdoors enjoying nature's splendor.