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Know Your Priorities In A New Home

Photo: A chef's kitchen in Huntsville, Utah luxury home


Emily Primbs


Apr 1, 2024


Apr 7, 2024

By clarifying your goals and vision for your new home, you can decide what priorities are most important.

Whether you are looking for your forever home, a custom small luxury home, vacation home, or short-term rental, having a clear idea of your top priorities will make the search for the perfect property easier and less frustrating.

Everything from floor plan layout, to bedroom and bathroom count, to what high-end features are must-haves or just nice-to-haves, will be impacted by the purpose of your home.

As you think about what to look for when buying a luxury home, you'll likely have differing priorities from another client, but there are some key factors that every future homebuyer should consider when deciding what is most important.

The Top 5 Priorities To Consider In A New Home


Park City by Olivia Hutcherson

It's mentioned in almost everything ever written about buying a home. But there is no denying the importance of finding the best location possible.

Location is the top thing to consider when deciding where to buy a vacation home. For a short-term rental, it can mean the difference between a sold-out peak season or one that is just gathering dust. Location can get you closer to the lifestyle you seek and will help your house appreciate in value over time, or it can become a hindrance when you're ready to move on.

An experienced real estate agent should know the latest local market trends and be able to tell you where the prestigious communities are and the up-and-coming neighborhoods, or if there are any future developments that might affect appreciation values.


Snowboarders on a chairlift by Jackson Blackhurst

When you factor in hobbies, interests, and daily routines, you will be able to prioritize features that align with your lifestyle choices.

If fitness is important to you, an amenity like a home gym might be at the top of your list. Perhaps you have horses and so the proper amount of land for barns or stables will be must-haves, as will equestrian-friendly communities with amenities like outdoor arenas or riding trails. Winter sports enthusiasts might look for homes as near to the ski resorts or cross-country trails as possible.

Remember, a home that caters to your needs is more functional, convenient, and can significantly enhance your quality of life.

Home Style

Mountain Luxury listing in Huntsville, Utah

For many, the style of a home contributes to its overall aesthetic appeal and can significantly influence your connection to the property. Different architectural styles convey unique character and charm. Whether you prefer Tudor, Colonial, or cottage style, look for features that resonate with your personal taste and feature timeless design.

If you enjoy entertaining, you may look for a more contemporary home with an open floor plan and spacious kitchen, while those who value privacy may gravitate towards Victorian homes with separate living areas and more intimate spaces.

Nature lovers will likely prioritize mountain modern homes that feature large windows, allowing the landscape to be enjoyed from many angles and rooms.

Amenities & Features

A chef's kitchen in Huntsville, Utah luxury home

There are some home features that tend to be universally desirable, including:

  • Bed & bath count — The number of bedrooms and bathrooms are essential considerations for homebuyers, especially for those with families or who accommodate guests regularly.
  • Storage space — An abundance of storage space is highly desirable to keep the home organized and clutter-free. The top priorities for storage solutions include cabinets, closets, garages, workshops, and barns.
  • Kitchen features — The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, and homebuyers typically prioritize high-end appliances, ample storage space and walk-in pantries, expansive countertops with quality material, and an open layout that is conducive to entertaining.
  • Outdoor space — Outdoor living spaces are becoming the most sought-after features in the luxury real estate market. Amenities like outdoor kitchens, pools, landscaping and lounging areas that enhance lifestyle are top priorities for many.
  • Updated interior finishes — Hardwood floors, crown molding, modern fixtures, and neutral paint colors enhance the appeal of a home.
  • Smart-home tech — Integrated home automation systems add convenience, security, and efficiency to the home and are top priorities. Smart locks, video doorbells, security cameras, and smart-thermostats are all desirable amenities.
  • Quality of construction — Prioritize quality craftsmanship by luxury home builders. With a focus on high-end materials and attention to detail, they will ensure the longevity and value of your home.

Privacy & Security

Luxury homes represent a significant investment and should have security features such as gated entrances, alarm systems, and surveillance systems to protect your asset. Many luxury communities and developments are gated and have controlled access points to offer more security and exclusivity for residents.

A private and secure home can provide peace of mind, allowing you to relax without worrying about disturbances.

What Are Your Top Priorities? Find Them In Eden, Utah

When you have a clear idea of what features and amenities in a home are most important to you, you'll be able to easily distinguish between homes that hit the mark and those that fall flat.

In Northern Utah, the Mountain Luxury team helps luxury homebuyers who are looking for homes with close proximity to the many world-class ski resorts in the state. Outdoor recreation is important to our clients and areas like Park City, Salt Lake City, and Eden, have an abundance of mountain biking and hiking trails, climbing routes, and water sports to choose from.

Explore the mountain modern homes and luxury communities in Eden and Huntsville, or the ski in ski out listings at Powder Mountain — the largest ski resort in North America, and discover why Ogden Valley has become a top recreation destination.

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