Do Staged Homes Sell More Successfully?

Do Staged Homes Sell More Successfully?


What is Staging?

By definition, staging is “the professional service of preparing a home for sale in such a way that it appeals to potential buyers and generates higher selling prices.” Put simply, it's dressing the house up for its first date. Preparing a home for sale is a very broad term consisting of many different components. It can be an overwhelming process to attempt yourself; luckily there are professionals in the real estate business to help you get the most out of your staging investment! Mountain Luxury (ML) offers a unique experience with staging, including a free consultation in the listing process.

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Importance of Staging

When selling a home, staging is a tremendously advantageous investment on the seller’s part. Incorporating elements of interior design into the original architecture of a house helps to accentuate the positive features and create a more appealing atmosphere to potential buyers. Successful home staging can not only increase the sales price, it will also sell faster compared to a property that is empty. Staged homes sell 73%  more quickly than empty ones, and for good reason. Most buyers cannot envision what the room would look like with different furniture, paint, etc. Providing ideas for furniture and such helps them see the home in its' best light.

Staging a home shows how the space can be utilized with furniture and other decor. Neutral designs highlight the positive features in the architecture and appeal to a wide variety of consumers. Tasteful representations of what the buyer’s home could possibly look like are far more alluring than seeing a bare living space. The National Association of Realtors states that 77% of buyers find it easier to visualize property as a future home if it has been staged well.

What Staging Consists of

Staging is the process of making a home move-in ready before the property has actually sold. It includes deep cleaning the entire establishment as well as repairing any damages. Minor design changes such as altering light fixtures, carpeting, and paint are also included in home staging. The most obvious element of staging is the implementation of furniture and art in any given living space. ML owner and broker, Brandi Hammon, says the most important aspect of staging a home is “Doing the most with the space with the least amount of stuff possible.”

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Rooms to Stage:

1. The general consensus about the most significant room to stage is of course, the living room. This is where families spend a considerable amount of time and if they can envision themselves in the living space, they are more likely to call it home! Strategic placement of couches, chairs, paintings, and tables can greatly alter the potential buyer’s opinion of a room or even an entire house.

Tips: Remove all family photos and religious items. Clean baseboards, light fixtures, the carpet, and the walls.

 2. The front porch needs to have an inviting atmosphere, no one wants to invest in a place that already looks dingy from the outside! The area should be clean and display a welcoming setting, such as greenery, welcome mats, or a wreath on the front door. This is the buyer’s first impression aside from photos. An unkept space will automatically make the potential investor doubt the quality of the rest of the home. Presenting the front area in an organized and inviting way gives the individual an incentive to purchase the home. 

Tips: Put a couple of potted plants on the porch, sweep the cobwebs from the corners, hang something decorative on that fresh painted door. Make it look like “home sweet home.”

 3. Master bedrooms and bathrooms are also remarkably influential when people are considering buying a house. By giving the room a clean, neutral look you can appeal to a wider range of clientele and draw them in with their potential bedroom.

Tips: The bed needs to be neat and tidy with updated bedding. The lighting should be warm and inviting. No crazy paint jobs on the walls! Absolutely no personal items visible (except perhaps, a book). 

 4. The dining room/kitchen area. This is a very essential space for social gatherings. Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, and many other holidays will be celebrated in this room, so it’s important to make a noteworthy impression. Give the potential buyer the atmosphere they are looking for, and they’ll think the house was built just for them!

Tips: Clean all of the surfaces. No personal items out, keep all food stored away. Make sure all appliances are in good condition and there are no loose hinges or squeaky cupboards. 

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Hiring a Professional:

When staging a home alone it can be difficult to remain objective. Every seller has an emotional attachment to his or her home. Removing sentimental items and investing time, money, and effort into redesigning the interior of a home can be a daunting task, and it’s all too easy to overlook certain aspects of the home that can be unsatisfactory to the potential new owner. A bad paint job, loose hinges, and awkward lighting can all put a damper on the potential buyer's opinion.

The point of staging a home is depersonalization, removing the seller’s presence from the home and making it appealing to the potential buyers. At Mountain Luxury, our stager’s keen eyes spot the potential of a residence. ML professionals have complete objectivity to the property and are able to make well-educated suggestions for improvements. Plus, we’ll even provide the furniture! 

If you have any questions about professional staging feel free to contact us!

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Potential Profit:

The International Association of Home Staging Professionals states that 95% of staged homes sell on average in 11 days or less for 17% above the asking price compared to those not staged! This eradicates the stress of waiting for a home to sell while also giving the seller a greater profit in the end. The portion that is paid for professional staging is negligible compared to the gains seen once a home is sold. We are here to help you get your home staged and ready to sell. 

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