Professional Real Estate Photography: The First Impression

Professional Real Estate Photography: The First Impression

Professional Real estate photography

Nothing matters more than exceptional photos in today’s digital market. With a variety of photography methods in our repertoire (drone photography, DSLR cameras, stabilizers and lighting techniques), our in-house photographers deliver knock-your-socks-off images, not a fake HDR look or blown out windows. We guarantee professional quality in all forms of media including video, photography, graphic map overlays, and drone footage. As a bonus, when the season changes, so do our photos. Yep, that's us, shooting photos in a winter wonderland and again when the flowers bloom.

The Influence of Real Estate Photography

The internet has become an essential tool in the real estate business, which means a property’s presence online will greatly influence the potential buyer’s interest in a home. When browsing for a house, the vast majority of shoppers start online. In fact, over 90% of people will get their first impression from viewing photos and videos of an estate. If the quality of the media doesn’t showcase a property properly, there won’t be as much interest. In order to receive maximum exposure and sell quickly, homes should be photographed professionally!

Amateur Photography vs. Professional Photography

In this day and age, we have an abundance of “do-it-yourselfers”. While this can be beneficial for many scenarios, it is detrimental in regards to real estate photography. Photography is an artform, even in the business world. It takes someone with experience and training to be able to manipulate lighting, angles, furniture, and equipment in order to get the optimal shot.

At Mountain Luxury, our professional photographers will be able to recognize the potential of an estate and find the best way to display each distinctive characteristic. Highlighting dim corners, getting the angle that will best feature the space, and arranging furnishings are all attributes of professionalism. An amateur may not even be aware that a darkened corner or bad angle can completely sabotage a home’s online presence.

The quality of the photographer’s camera and equipment will also greatly impact the final result. Amateur photography is usually shot with a “point and shoot” camera.  Mountain Luxury photographers use a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera. DSLRs come with a plethora of advantages including better image quality, sensitivity to light, flexible controls, and shutter and focus speeds.

Amateur photography vs. Professional Photography

Hiring a Professional Photographer

Searching for a professional photographer can be a bit overwhelming, so here are some tips.

  1. Don’t go with an inexperienced photographer just because they have a nice camera and charge less. The quality of the camera doesn’t matter if the individual hired doesn’t know how to properly photograph the property.
  2. Do the research. Look at photos taken by each photographer being considered. The work they have done previously is a fantastic indicator of what they can do for your own home. Photographers will market themselves, so take a look at their social media!

  3. Both quality and quantity are important. For larger or more expensive properties, invest in video work as well as photos. Drone photography and virtual walk throughs are becoming increasingly popular on the Internet and give homes more exposure.

  4. Pay for the edits. Conveying the idea of a property is essential. Most of the work in real estate photography comes after the photos are initially taken. Photoshopping the lights, background, and even parts of the landscape can make an estate far more appealing to the potential buyer.

hiring a professional real estate photographer, Mountain Luxury Real Estate

What Makes Mountain Luxury Unique

Mountain Luxury Real Estate offers professional photography for no extra cost when you list your home through us! The process takes roughly two days: one day for staging your home and photography, the other for editing and processing the images. Our in-house photographer typically uses a DSLR camera in order to get the highest resolution possible. We also feature drone photography and an in-house graphic designer depending on the property. Quality is always the number one priority at Mountain Luxury!

Professional real estate photography mountain luxury real estate