Social Media Marketing: 8 Tips and Tricks

Social Media Marketing: 8 Tips and Tricks

Social media marketing; 8 tips and tricks 

What is Social Media Marketing?

In short, social media marketing is advertising through websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Strategically marketing on social media can be a fantastic tool for improving brand awareness, networking, and generating business.

Why is Social Media Marketing Effective?

Social media is used extensively. All over the world, members of every demographic use these public networks to communicate, find information, and be entertained. Social Media also allows advertisers to target specific users based on a variety of factors, incuding geographic location, interests, education level and consumer behavior. Mountain Luxury uses social media to engage with a targeted audience and market more efficiently. There are many different social media websites to utilize.

Facebook is by far the most popular: it ranks highest in both active members and how frequently it is used. At Mountain Luxury, we use Facebook to interact with our clientele. Our business fanpage shares information on community happenings, upcoming events, blog material, and special deals we have going on. It’s a great way to keep our clients updated and interested!

Twitter is a good resource for broadcasting short updates. There’s a 240 character limit, so information needs to be concise. Our Twitter mainly focuses on sharing photos of properties and links to our website.

Pinterest is an image-based social media website. It is a great platform for sharing design and decorating inspiration, and reaches a predominantly female audience.

Instagram: Instagram is a photo-based platform that primarily reaches users via their mobile devices. Instagram is an effective way to advertise new listing, open houses and community events through the use of creative photography.

Youtube can be used for the distribution of creative content such as high quality videos that are relevant to an audience. The views generated can influence website traffic and help drive sales. At Mountain Luxury, we post videos to Youtube so that we can share the link on our other social networks.

Types of social media marketing

8 Tips for Social Media Marketing:

  1. Target an audience. Know the demographics; who is your primary source of sales? Ask yourself what social media would be the most relevant to those individuals. If patrons are generally young, it may be best to advertise on Twitter or Instagram. Facebook has recently trended toward an older audience. If the targeted audience is female, or design-oriented, Pinterest may be the best conduit.

  2. Plan the content. Don’t post just to post, make sure the information provided is valuable and interesting. Irrelevant "spam" posts or blatant marketing speak will cause your account to lose followers.

  3. Share content from the website. Blog posts, photos, and videos can generate far more views when posted on social media. Use direct links to create more traffic.

  4. Make sure brand imagery and messaging is consistent. The aesthetic needs to be maintained on all spectrums, including social media. Having the logo on every piece that is posted reinforces positive brand awareness.

  5. Use multiple social media mediums, and then connect them. Linking a Youtube video to your Facebook will ultimately get you more views on videos. Putting a Twitter handle on a Facebook post can spawn more followers. Combining multiple forms of marketing is also an effective strategy. Put your social media assets on print advertisements.

  6. Measure success. Through programs like Google Analytics it’s possible to see your click-through rate. This will tell what marketing techniques are producing the best results. At Mountain Luxury, we constantly tweak our social strategy based on these analytics.

  7. Track competitors. See what others in the industry are doing with social media marketing. This can be a source of inspiration, but also ensures that you don't inadvertently mimic a competitor's campaign.

  8. Link outside articles. Not everything posted needs to be directly related to the business. Linking outside articles increases credibility, and can help draw interest from users who may not be current clients, but could be in the future. Make sure the links are things your audience would find interesting. You may even get some links in return.

    8 tips for social media marketing

Is Paid Social Media Marketing Worth it?

In our experience, paying for ads on websites such as Facebook can be an extremely cost-effective method of advertising. Paid social media marketing helps select a more targeted audience. We have the ability to choose the general age, class, and region we want the ad to be distributed to.

Our first step is always to establish a campaign objective. Is the goal to increase sales? Drive people to a website? Bring awareness to an open house or other event? Having a well-defined goal ensures that the ad isn’t pointless.

As with other advertising mediums, ad copy should be clear, concise and easy to follow. Your window to grab a user's interest is short. If the ad is confusing or cumbersome, they will simply keep scrolling.

is paid social media marketing worth it

Bottom Line:

Social media marketing is becoming increasingly important. At Mountain Luxury, we utilize a variety of social media websites and target a specific audience. Our goal is to distribute content to those who we know will find it useful. Each person that views the material is a potential seller, buyer, or recommender. Interesting content that clients can engage with and relate to can generate interest in a listing or the area, and can be a boon for business.