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Mountain Luxury's New Office

May 10, 2022

Peddlers Grand Opening | July 31st!

Beautiful Eden Sunset of the Mountain Luxury Lodge

Join Peddlers Cafe at the grand opening of their new location in the Mountain Luxury Lodge (3632 N Wolf Creek Dr. Eden)! Enjoy a newly remodeled interior, beautiful views, delicious food & beverages!


Private Event Reservations

Do you need a space to host a private event? Rent our new home! Contact Mountain Luxury Lodging at 801.745.3194 or email lodging@mountainluxury.com.


Office Space & Ski Lockers

Work from the comfort of our new home. Lease private office space for $675/month. You can also rent ski lockers for $975/year. Call 801.745.8400 or tap on the Chat in the bottom right of the browser to reserve today!

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