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Utah’s Winter Is Breaking Records, Nearly Double The Snowfall Means Ski Resorts Extend Close Dates


Emily Primbs


Apr 4, 2023


May 19, 2023

It will take years of more good winters to reach a sustainable elevation for the Great Salt Lake, but state-wide snowstorms have given the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere some urgently needed respite. It’s important to celebrate the wins, and Utah’s ski resorts definitely know what to do with the extra snow. With many of the resorts extending their closing dates and throwing the best end-of-season events, you’ve still got time to hit the slopes and partake in the wild and hilarious events wishing the 2022-2023 winter season farewell.

Utah 2022-2023 Winter Season Ski Resort Closing Dates, Events & Total Snowfall


Closing Date: April 23

Snowfall: 801”

End-of-season Event: “Alta’s Frank World Class”. The Frank happens at the end of April every year as skiers honor brightly clothed, rock and roll “Frank”. Unsanctioned by the resort, The Frank takes place on Punk Rock beneath the Wildcat chair, and coincides with the traditional season-closing bash atop High Boy. There will be crazy costumes, quite a few birthday suits, and most importantly- fun and carefree attitudes. What started as a faux competition with a few kickers, heckling and hot dog throwin’ now draws hundreds, with prizes for the those who out-Frank all the other Franks, displaying passion more so than ability!

Beaver Mountain

Closing Date: April 9

Snowfall: 440”

End-of-season Event: April 8, “Beaver Bash Spring Party”. This year’s bash will have an Easter egg hunt for kids 11 and under (must be on skis/snowboard and have a lift ticket to ride the Little Beaver lift), Race the Face boot pack competition, Pond Skim and costume contest/parade. Go here to find check-in times and registration info.

Brian Head

Closing Date: April 16

Snowfall: 384”

End-of-season Event: April 16. Details to come for this day of festivities.


Closing Date: Extended season! April 30

Snowfall: 798”

End-of-season Event: Closing Day’s “Brighton Dummy Downhill”. Gather on the patios of Alpine Rose and Molly Green’s Pub. Enjoy loud music all day as Brighton employees send self-made dummies down the “halfpipe” in a show of speed, humor and mayhem.

Cherry Peak

Closing Date: April 15th
Snowfall: 410”

Deer Valley

Closing Date: Extended season! April 23

Snowfall: 554”

Eagle Point

Closing Date: April 2

Snowfall: 371”

Nordic Valley

Closing Date: Bonus weekend! April 14-16

Snowfall: 349”

Park City Mountain

Closing Date: Extended season! April 23

Snowfall: 571”

End-of-season Event: April 1, “Gaper Day”. A gaper is the gap between your helmet’s bottom and goggle’s top, big gapers look well, silly. Gapers are also referred to as Jerries or someone acting goofy. Grab a group of friends and dress in costumes, neon colors, jeans and definitely sport a massive gaper!

Powder Mountain

Closing Date: April 16

Snowfall: 478”

End-of-season Event: April 7-9, “2023 Hillfest”. Come enjoy the incredible live music and snowmobile hillclimb races featuring some of the sport’s top athletes at this three day celebration of an epic snow season. Music starts at noon each day and parking is very limited. Grab your tickets and find out more here.

Solitude Mountain

Closing Date: Daily through May 7, open Fri-Sun through May 21

Snowfall: 742”

End-of-season Event: April 8, “Pond Skim Beach Party”. Registration is full but spectating is free, so come cheer on those skimming skills and best costumes! The Apres party continues afterward with live music from The Sweet Lillies. Check out the details here.


Closing Date: Extended season! April 23

Snowfall: 532”

End-of-season Event: April 15, “9th Annual Pond Skim”. Dress in the wildest costumes and attempt the ride of your life into the 80’ pond at the bottom of Orson’s Terrain Park! Registration is limited and opens Tuesday, April 4.


Closing Date: Daily through May 14, open Fri-Sun through Memorial Day/May 31

Snowfall: 739”

End-of-season Event: Snowbird holds the longest season in Utah and lifts are full of retro headbands, a full flask, and revealing pair of jeans on closing day, so don’t miss out. This spring Snowbird and Woodward are collaborating to bring the first-ever Woodward Mountain Park to Mineral Basin, off Baldy Express. Opening April 14, this small/medium sized park is a new way to kick off the #snowbirdsurfseason at The Bird.


Closing Date: April 2, bonus days Friday April 7 & Saturday April 8

Snowfall: 463”

Woodward Park City

Closing Date: April 30

Snowfall: 358”

Utah Locals Know What To Do With Record-Breaking Snowfall, Do You?

Receiving almost double the snowfall this winter, Utah’s ski resorts are staying open longer and throwing the best events and laid back mountain parties. Grab some retro gear, short shorts and book that vacation rental, you won’t want to miss the hysterical memories that are sure to ensue!

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