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Bargaining for Eden" The Snowbasin Land Swap

May 3, 2022

So I have not read the book, Bargaining for Eden, as of yet, but Scott Trimble has written a story of the struggles over land and it is focused on the land swap between Earl Holding and Forest Service for Snowbasin. I will make more comments once I have read it but from what I have read in reviews and been told so far, the book appears to be a balanced view of preservation of land and open space versus development the rights to do such.

Here is a very important point, conservation easements and who holds them is critical. I am not sure if this is actually addressed or not in the book, but had a third party (non-political) possessed a conservation easement, the land could have not been developed.

Just a note, anything can be developed with a change in politics or policy if there is not a third party helping to protect the land.

Have a great day, he speaks tonight at 7:00 pm at the Kimbal Art Center.

For information on land preservation in Ogden Valley check out the Ogden Valley Land Trust at www.ogdenvalleylandtrust.org

Mountian Luxury donates 1% of commissions to protect open space. Please follow our lead and join too!


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