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Snowbasin Master Plan


Sep 22, 2021


May 9, 2022

Article originally published in the Winter/Spring 2016 Mountain Luxury Collection Magazine.

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Snowbasin: these majestic mountains create not only the backdrop for Ogden Valley but act as a sanctuary for wildlife and likely the largest factor of growth for the area. Snowbasin is a sleeping development giant with over 4,800 units spanning Weber and Morgan counties, and the funding to execute. With final approvals delivered in both counties, land transfers complete, and water acquired, it is a matter of time before ground is broken, although no one knows exactly when.

Snowbasin’s master plan is done in typical Holding style with over 80% of the land left for open space honoring nature and the existing beauty. Snowbasin owns some 12,000 acres spanning the two counties resulting in 2,400 development units in each county. How did the Holdings acquire so much land? Quietly. As America’s 19th largest landowner* Earl has been quoted as saying, “All I want is the land next to mine.”

The overall plan remains somewhat fluid, with renderings of future buildings and the ability to design each space as it’s developed. The master plan has no expiration and no start date giving great flexibility to begin development when the market is ready.

Near Earl’s Lodge (denoted as Area A) will eventually become the Base Village. Consisting of mixed commercial and residential units with a hotel, multi-family and condo units. Approximately 150 luxury hotel rooms and another 75,000 square feet of commercial space will create a downtown village for guests. Finally, restaurants, nightlife, and other services ensure an enriched guest experience. Additional ski runs and lifts are proposed to create ski-in ski-out properties. Here is what Snowbasin has to say on the matter.

The first true residential area is located on both sides of Snowbasin Road just east of the Green Pond trailhead. Denoted as Area B, it will also have lift access to the resort from this single and multi-family area. Area B resides on 216 acres where a suggested 143 single-family homes and another 359 multi-family units enveloped by ski runs will create a utopian ski chateau destination. Area B is the closest detached residential area to the main Village.

The remaining Areas C, D and E are located in Morgan County. Area C sits just east and is accessed off Trappers Loop and designed as an additional Village. From the details, it appears this is for day use guests and includes a commercial mixed-use center, multi-family, and single-family components. Area D includes a golf course just to the east off Trappers and a small commercial component surrounded by multi-family and single-family dwellings. Single-family comprises Section E located still further east. The areas C, D, and E combine for the development of 2,480 residences.

Moving toward Pineview reservoir on the east side of Trappers Loop is Area F, the Meadows Development. Here, a 9-hole golf course with a small commercial/mixed-use element including a clubhouse is planned along with 22 single-family units on lots ranging from 1-2 acres.

The Ranch, Area G, abuts Area F and migrates north along both sides of Trappers Loop until it intersects Highway 39. Deemed as the retail center, there are over 20 acres of commercial space planned. It includes movie theaters, groceries, restaurants, and other goods and services to support both guests and residents of Ogden Valley. The southern sections align with the golf course and rise above the valley floor and with 135 single-family homes. Close to the commercial nodes another 162 condos and multi-family residences are planned. 

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With three resorts in various stages of development, only time will tell what the future holds for Ogden Valley. The beauty and attention to detail by this trident of resorts shall set the stage for the future of Ogden Valley real estate. While many locals seek to maintain the old-world charm and pleasant countryside of Ogden Valley, development is inevitable. Planning commissions and public hearings on critical growth issues remain a high priority for current residents as the balance of growth and preservation is sought.

*As denoted by ModernFarmer.com 2013 Who’s Who of Modern American Land Moguls

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