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Hinkley Ranch

A Land Conservation Deal to Withstand the Testament of Time

Not all real estate sales are joyful. Some are actually emotionally painful as a lifetime of memories and generations of history are left behind. Sometimes the legacy is passed to a new steward, and other times it is left to the highest bidder. As the large ranches and open lands of the valley are sold, one beautiful soul went the distance to protect her family’s legacy with the help of the Ogden Valley Land Trust, an equally thoughtful buyer, two attorneys, and two real estate brokers.

The Hinckley Ranch was established in 1957 when Robert and Abrelia Hinckley purchased the ranch. The ranch ultimately ended up in the care of their youngest granddaughter, Kristin Whitaker. I first met

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SEO Job Hero

Technical SEO Specialist

We are a company built of mountain folk ingrained with a work hard, play harder ethos. Working at Mountain Luxury Real Estate and Lodging means you never miss a powder day and you can make those important family engagements. If you want that harmonious work-life balance, this is the place.

We are in need of a self-motivated technical Search Engine Optimization Specialist who's on top of trends and knows the latest and greatest strategies to rank on the SERP.

We are passionate hardworking individuals who provide only top-shelf service to our clients. From choosing the right place for a dream home, to designing and building, managing vacation rentals, selling properties and all the legal work, marketing, staging, and

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ML Generates Awareness for Local Nonprofits with Social Media

Each year on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, companies big and small rally together to provide donations and raise money for charities and nonprofits. This day, known as Giving Tuesday, has become more popular every year since its inception in 2012. 


Mountain Luxury is proud to donate to a wide variety of local nonprofits annually. Many of our agents and employees are heavily involved in community charity efforts, serving on the boards of local nonprofits, raising awareness, and just generally donating time and resources to the little guys who make a big difference out there. However, given the wild and unusual events of the past year, it was clear that this year’s efforts were going to require a different approach.


2020 has been a

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Mark B. Goodson Utah 

An Artist with a Great Appreciation for Life

Mark B. Goodson is an oil-painter based in Huntsville, Utah who specializes in portraits, landscape, and still-life paintings. After going back to school in his mid-40’s for a degree in fine art, he found his passion for bringing pictures to life. With incredible precision and countless hours, he creates a myriad of emotions in each of his pieces. Goodson draws the viewer’s attention with delicate highlights and realistic textures. His incredible work can be found at the Mark B. Goodson Gallery or on his website, 


Tell us about yourself, what was your early life like?

Being raised in a small town with six sets of aunts and uncles, 37 first cousins, and six siblings,

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Opening Spring 2021

Mountain Luxury Lodge (3632 N Wolf Creek Dr. Eden) is now home to Mountain Luxury, Bertoldi Architects, and Peddlers Cafe and it could be yours too! After the remodel, tenants will enjoy a calming atmosphere, inspiring views, and savory cafe.

Private office space for $675/month.

Ski lockers for $975/year.

Call 801.745.8400 or tap on the Chat in the bottom right of the browser to reserve today!

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An Interview with Cole Lewis, The Man Behind Powder Mountain's Newest Art Installment

Cole Lewis is a 27-year-old artist based in Eden, Utah. His unique use of color and saturation creates an aesthetic that evokes a variety of emotions in viewers. Lewis’s work reflects the outdoor splendor of his home state where much of his inspiration comes from. He recreates local landscapes and captures simple moments of incredible beauty in his own way.

Through many layers and careful precision, Lewis perfects his art with natural inspiration, stunning depth, and distinctive use of color. He also co-runs the local group “Wasatch Art Collective” where artists from all over the state can come together to share their work and purchase other’s pieces. You can

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By Kelly Carper | Art Writer

This November, Ogden Contemporary Arts (OCA), formerly known as O1ARTS, will officially open its flagship exhibition space and contemporary art center at 455 25th Street in the historic Monarch building. The build-out, which is now underway, was made possible by a $250,000 contribution from the Dumke Foundation, naming the Center’s main gallery the “Dr. Ezekiel R. and Edna Wattis Dumke Foundation Arts Garage.” This charitable foundation was established in 1958 and has advocated for non-profit organizations throughout the Intermountain region for 62 years, and this latest contribution shows its support for Ogden’s arts and culture community.

“We are deeply honored and grateful for support from the Dr. Ezekiel R. and

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Stay Up-To-Date on the Latest Information Regarding Forbearance

forbearance for mortgages

Navigating through the information regarding forbearance and what it means for you can be tricky, so we’ve compiled some important tips and information to help you navigate the process.

The CARES Act stimulus package requires servicers to provide forbearance - a temporary postponement of payments - to any homeowner with a federally backed mortgage if requested. If your mortgage is not federally backed, you may also be able to receive forbearance, but you would need to reach out to your mortgage servicer for specific information.

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association's (MBA) latest Forbearance and Call Volume Survey, which revealed that the total number of loans in

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Avoiding Foreclosure by Using Short Sales - What Are the Risks?

In essence, a short sale occurs when a lien holder agrees to take less than the amount owed on a property in order for the owner to successfully sell it. There are varying reasons to short sale a property. Owing more on a property than it is worth is obvious, but most owners could just wait until a market recovers if other circumstances in their lives would allow for this. This is not a reason for a short sale on its own however.

With the current crisis be sure to review our article on Covid-19 loan forbearance and the help it could provide for those with federally backed loans. As well, all things have a dark side so be sure to review the risks associated.

Real estate values

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Navigating New Construction

Simple Ways to Take the Stress Out of Moving into a Brand New Home

If you already own a home but are planning to move into a new construction home, consider placing your current one up for sale prior to the completion of the new one. Once the current residence is sold, it can bring peace of mind that one step of the transition process is complete. Another benefit of selling your current home early is avoiding two house payments, double utilities, and the time and effort involved in managing an empty home. 

There's also a downside to selling before the new construction is complete. It may require two moves, but if you negotiate creatively and have a good agent, you may be able to avoid that. One option is to put your home under contract but set

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