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**Every Saturday starting December 30th.

Attention all powder hounds! Please join us for our Aprés Ski Party at the Escapes at Edgewater community at 5598 E. Hwy 39, (at the end of Old Snowbasin Rd. and Hwy. 39 - see map below). Local drinks for young and old will be on hand to wet your whistle along with light hors d'oeuvres. All are invited to view Edgewater homes from 4:00-7:00 pm. Come and relax with us after spending the day on the mountain.


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The Scoop on Septic Systems

If there’s one thing everyone loves talking about (not really), it’s the nitty-gritty of septic tanks. In Ogden Valley and other rural locations, it’s a very real part of life and one that homeowners have to deal with every three to five years when it’s time to address possible service issues with your sewer system. In this blog, we’d like to dig into the issue a little deeper.

For those who are unaware, here are the basics. A septic system is an underground wastewater treatment structure, commonly used in rural areas without centralized sewer systems. These systems use a combination of nature and proven technology to treat wastewater from household plumbing produced by bathrooms, kitchen drains, and laundry.

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December 2017 Pet of the Month

NAME:  Olaf 

BREED:  German Shepherd/Corgi Mix

AGE:  5 months


ADOPTION FEE:  $150 – includes $40 Neuter Voucher, Micro Chip, Current Vaccines and Goodie Bag 

HISTORY:  Olaf was a stray dog found near downtown Ogden and Adams Avenue. He’s a very friendly puppy and may work well in a family environment. He stays mostly quiet in his kennel without a lot of barking.

Call Weber County Animal Services at 801-399-8244 for more information.

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Buying a Home vs Building a Home

Purchasing a home is one of the most important and lasting decisions most people will make in their lifetimes, and probably the most expensive. Many buyers usually spend lots of time and energy searching for or designing "the perfect home" before they actually ink the deal on the dotted line. If buyers are doing it properly, they will consider all factors in their decisions, including location, market trends, price, HOA fees, taxes, property conditions and financing. There are usually a list of “must haves” and a list of “wants” that go into the house hunt. With that in mind, there are usually two ways to go about finding a new home: whether to buy an existing home, or to build a new home. Here are a few of the

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JuJu’s Kitchen Serves up Good Home Cooking

If there’s one thing Julie Cady would love, it’s to have customers feel as if they were being fed at home by their grandmothers when they dine at JuJu’s Kitchen and Bake Shop in Eden.

Cady has worked in the Ogden Valley for years and before opening up the delightful shop, she worked there as a manager under the name Perks Village Bakery. Julie and her husband Pat took over ownership in May of 2016 and have been serving locals and travelers alike ever since.

“I really love the area and thought it would be a great way to slow down and do something I love, which is making great, homemade food that makes people feel good,” Cady said. “I can’t say enough about the people who have come so often and

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El Doce at Pow Mow

They say good things come it threes, but whoever made up that saying hasn’t been to Powder Mountain Resort on a mountain bike. Up here, good things come it twelves. 

This year, the inaugural El Doce at Pow Mow premier mountain biking event claims 12 hours of amazing riding for you or a team, with about 1200 feet of ascent, and about 12 miles per lap. (See a patter here?) This race will be run on some of the most beautiful trails you’ll ever set your nobbies on.

El Doce, or twelve in Spanish, takes place on trails designed by the Intermountain Mountain Biking Association and offers views of the Ogden Valley and mountain peaks all around that are truly “bonita.” 

The event gives riders the chance to ride slices of every

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Red Rock Grill Offers Mouth Watering Cuisine in a Gorgeous Mountain Setting

On the doorstep of the picturesque Monte Cristo recreation area sits one of the last oases of civilization for miles. The Red Rock Grill sits conveniently at the junction of Highway 39 and the Causey Reservoir access road, an ideal spot for hungry travelers to refill their canteens and empty bellies.

The grill is owned by Rich Ross and Beth Sheola who purchased it on May 27, 2016, and have been serving up mouth-watering meats ever since. The specialty item and probably most popular are the smoked pork ribs, served with french fries so tasty they make Idaho jealous. Other popular items include the pulled pork sandwich, Carolina tacos, and carnitas burrito.

Memorial Day

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On May 20, 2017, hundreds of runners, spectators, and visitors will flock to Ogden and Ogden Valley for the annual Ogden Marathon. 

25% Discount on 2017 Ogden Marathon Accommodations

Created in 2001, the Ogden Marathon is an annual race and charity event held every summer in Ogden, Utah. The event actually holds seven different races: a full marathon, a half marathon, a 5K, a relay marathon, a corporate cup, a "Kids K,"and a wheelchair division. 

The race begins eight miles east of Huntsville on Highway 39, just below the Red Rock Outfitters Ranch. The starting elevation is 5,400 feet. The first six miles of the course are on a gradual descent. From there, runners enter into the town of Huntsville and turn north on Highway 166. The course

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Snowbasin Easter Brunch 03

Relax and Reflect over Easter Brunch at Snowbasin

Aahhhh…Sundays. Everyone loves Sundays. For most people, it’s a day of relaxing, reflecting, recreating or worship. A day for resetting and rebooting after a hard week, and dumping data to make room for the next.

A popular choice for indulging oneself on Sunday is the family brunch outing, and the Easter holiday is an especially popular holiday for a feast.

There are a plethora of options for the Sunday brunch, but when it comes to elegance, a spectacular setting, and a gourmet buffet, no one does it better than Snowbasin. 

The Easter Brunch at Snowbasin Resort offers everything you would expect in a decadent, delicious and delightful spread, all while using “spring inspired ingredients.”

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Thai Curry Kitchen

By Brian Nicholson, Mountain Luxury

It might seem strange that the inspiration for a Thai themed restaurant would come from a place like the Grand Targhee music festival, but that’s exactly what happened. The light bulb went on over Steve Ballard’s head as he was looking for some lunch at the festival, located an exotic 7,842 miles away from Thailand on the western slope of the Tetons in Alta, Wy.

“The festival was selling everything from hamburgers, hotdogs and the usual junk,” said Ballard. “But there was one food vendor with a longer line than everyone else, so I thought I would go take a look.” That vendor happened to be an older American guy and his wife, very likely from Thailand, who had the most simple set up for

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